Belimo ZoneTight™. Compact, efficient and fail-safe.
Tight-sealing zone valves where space is restricted.

The compact Belimo ZoneTight™ zone valves are based on the characterised control valve technology that has already proven itself millions of times over. With a different construction and function, they provide optimum fulfillment of the respective applications:

  • The space-saving Quick Compact Valve QCV as a 2-way characterised control valve and a 3-way changeover ball valve for cooling and heating devices, under floor heating systems, radiators, etc.
  • The Pressure Independent Quick Compact Valve PIQCV is a pressure-independent characterised control valve for the permanent supply of the exact amount of water to all of the heating and cooling elements
  • The precise 6-way zone valve for safe regulation of cooling and heating ceilings with one instead of four motorised valves
  • The electronic pressure-independent 6-way zone valve adds integrated flow measurement and electronic flow control to the function principle of the 6-way zone valve

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Press Release Belimo ZoneTight™ (134 KB)

Flyer: Compact zone valve QCV (1 MB)

Flyer: Pressure Independent Zone Valve PIQCV (118 KB)

Flyer: Precise 6-way zone valve (1 MB)

Flyer: Pressure-independent 6-way zone valve (1 MB)

Applications: Room and zone control (5 MB)

The original – 6-way zone valve from Belimo (1 MB)

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